Gestoría especializada en Mallorca

Professional lawyers and managers in Mallorca

If you want to hire the best professional managers in Palma, here is our company. Our managers will help you with the accounts and administration of your company or business. They will also defend you legally in case of problems.
We are professional managers and lawyers with extensive experience. Learn more about us.

What professionals will be at your service?

Our philosophy is to always be close to you. We try to facilitate any administrative, labor, tax or branch of law that we work the most on a regular basis. We adapt quickly to changes that occur, but, especially, we carry out our work with all your financial interests in mind.

We base relationships with our clients on trust, and we enhance communication between the phases of the assignment they carry out. We want to give you the peace of mind you need at all times. You will always be in good hands, both in good times and in bad times.

Meet our team!

Antonio Fiol

Es un experto en derecho civil, mercantil y penal.

Alberto Vidal Costa

Abogado y gestor experto en derecho civil y sucesiones. 

Andrea Romero

Administrativa en el Departamento Fiscal.

Ferran Fuster

Está especializado en las áreas fiscal, contable y laboral.

José Mateos

Especializado en las áreas fiscal y tributaria.

These are the main professionals who will assist you in our agency and law firm. Without hesitation, we provide you with all the services you need, especially in the most difficult moments for you.

Call us without obligation and ask us for a detailed budget to know everything we can do for you. Trust us.

Here we will be waiting for you to improve your life a lot.

Contact us without obligation to enjoy a complete management service.

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